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ShopEnergia Renewable Energy Solar Wind LED

Solar Panels Storage Energy System Photovoltaic Kit...The Website of the Solar and Wind Renewable Energy


Refrigerators Freezers 12V 24V 220V Vitrifrigo, 3ways refrigerators 12Vdc 230Vac Gas, Combined Refrigerator Freezer, Components for Refrigerators, Marine Automotive Refrigerators
Professional Commercial Refrigeration AE, AS, AT, SE, SF, VT Series
Photovoltaic Modules
230V Inverter
Battery Charger
LED Lighting
12-24-48 Volt Solar Pfotovoltaic Kits
PWM and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers
CFL Light bulbs

Shopenergia all products for the Solar and Wind Renewable Energy the LED lighting for the home office industry shops, Storage Energy Systems with GEL AGM long-life batteries, Battery Charger with 12v 24v 48v outputs for each type of application, the latest generation of Pure Sine Wave Inverter, Solar Charge Controllers and accessories.
Solar Renewable Energy with photovoltaic modules you catch the 'sun Energy is exploited to make photovoltaic systems Solar Energy stand alone or for networking.
Wind Renewable Energy with Wind turbines catch the Wind Energy and is exploited to build Wind Energy Systems stand alone or for ON-GRID. The Wind Energy has the great advantage of producing Energy both day and night. The Wind Energy to production systems are very common in the boats, in the mountains and in areas of the planet where the winds blow constant.
Also most used Hybrids Systems with Solar Energy and Wind Energy


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