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PowerFilm Rollable Photovoltaic Panel 14W/12V + Solar charge controller Kit #30150601

PowerFilm Rollable Photovoltaic Panel 14W/12V + Solar charge controller Kit #30150601
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14W/12V Rollable Photovoltaic Panel + Solar charge controller Kit
The kit contains:
- 1 14W 12V PowerFilm Rollable Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Dimensions: 368.3 x 1066.8 mm (our code 30150254);
- 1 Powerfilm RA-9 solar charge controller - Waterproof (our code 30150260).

14W/12V Rollable Photovoltaic Solar Panel. 
The only real rollable photovoltaic panels ideal for all applications.
Ideal for boats, cars, radio communication, lighting and security system. Perfect for charging PCs, GPS, mobile phones, PDA, satellite phones and a wide range of Lithium, NiCad, or NiMH batteries. High output under all weather conditions and cloudy skies. Made of silicon, a natural resource in abundant supply. Durable construction with marine-grade components.

NOTE:  Included - 12V cable with cigarette lighter socket (our code 30150266) and 15ft O-ring connection cable (our code 30150270)

- Operating Voltage: 15.4 Volts
- Power: 14 Watts
- Current: 0.9 Amps
- Width (mm): 368.3 unrolled
- Length (mm): 1066.8 unrolled
- Width (in): 14.5 unrolled
- Length (in): 42 unrolled
- Weight (kg): 0.445 kg
- Weight (lb): 0.981 lbs

Powerfilm RA-9 Charge waterproof solar charge controller.
Waterproof charge controller with microprocessor suitable for PowerFilm series flexible panels. Max. power 4,5 Ampere (54 Watt), 12 V.

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