Eurteck Smartcharger Nauticharger Battery Chargers

Eurteck 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 48 Volt 3-stage battery charger to recharge lead acid batteries, AGM, GEL, Acid Free But even the most modern lithium batteries.
The choice of a good charger is of fundamental importance for a longer battery life, since, an intelligent 3-stage charging, allows a progressive charging up to 100%.
Our chargers are applied in all sectors, from automotive to yachting, from the boat to the camper, from the bike to the car.

  1. 1
    Eurteck Battery Charger 48V 10A #21020878
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    €32.62 (20%)
    This battery charger is designed for professional use to recharge the batteries for automotive traditional, AGM, GEL and modern lithium-ion batteries. In the first stage of charging is delivered constant current until reaching a Predetermined tension.
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    Portable Battery Charger 6-12V 8A for Acid Batteries with Ammeter #21020968
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    €16.31 (50%)
    This battery charger does not have a power supply function and as such in order to provide voltage and current it needs to be connected to a battery with a minimum voltage of 10.7V.
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    Portable Battery Charger 6-12V 6A HB-1206S for Acid Batteries #21020967
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    €5.74 (32%)
    Built with durable material and with a carry handle, connects to the battery via insulated terminals.