GEL Batteries Camper Marine Solar Wind Energy

VRLA GEL Batteries ideal for Boats and Camper in service on board and start engine, Storage Energy System, UPS, Solar and Wind Energy in  Off Grid Systems

The gel battery is a rechargeable lead-acid battery in which the electrolyte is not liquid as in the most common battery but has the consistency and appearance of a gelatinous compound.The gel electrolyte, the sealed container and the inside chemical "recombination" (VRLA)reaction make these batteries:
1- Really “Maintenance Free”;
2. Immune from the risk of accidental spillage of liquid acid;
3. Suitable for installation in close proximity to people and electronic equipment.
In addition, the shape of the electrolyte gel provides greater protection to the plate during discharge making these batteries especially suitable for applications that require a lot of “deep” discharge cycles.
Under conditions of "heavy" work in terms of number of charge-discharge cycles and discharge’s depth if subjected to proper charging the useful life of a gel battery is about 3 times that of a common acid battery.
Typical applications are those in which the battery is subject to:
- Depth discharge;
- High number of charge-discharge cycles;
- Special installations where there should be no risk of accidental spillage or leakage;
- For applications where you can not or do not want to perform maintenance.
The sectors in which they are widely used are:
- Pleasure boats and professional;
- Marine and Camper
- Solar and Wind Energy in stand alone system;
- Vehicles and electrical machinery;
- Industrial uses;
- UPS and emergency general.