Marine Automotive Refrigerators

Refrigerators, freezers, compressors, ice makers, mini-bars and wine cellars for boats, campers, hotels, etc MADE IN ITALY

The Sea Classic Series offers a complete range that can meet any space or capacity requirements.
Ergonomic, silent, intuitive and safe, these units are able to guarantee the best cooling onboard.
Models whose code end in "A" are equipped with a holding plate styled evaporator, which provides higher efficiencies and longer 'Off' time.
Refrigerators with remote cooling unit
Sea Classic refrigerators with a remote cooling unit provide bigger internal volume, remoting the installation of the engine in a compartment or locker, optimizing space and performance. Some ventilation to the unit is always recommended.
Refrigerators with built-in cooling unit
Sea Classic refrigerators with a built-in cooling unit are the best choice where space is available, behind the refrigerator, to guarantee suitable unit ventilation.