Marlec Rutland 1200 24V Windcharger #34800451

Marlec Rutland 1200 24V Windcharger #34800451

Marlec Rutland 1200 24V Windcharger #34800451

Marlec Rutland 1200 24V Windcharger
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Marlec Rutland 1200 24V Windcharger

Experience the powerful but quiet operation of the new Tri-namic profile blade. Our latest turbine, the Rutland 1200, is the ideal companion for generating energy on board, read on to find out why it is the most technologically advanced micro wind turbine and controller in its class.
The Rutland 1200 is our new generation of turbine designed for users seeking higher generating capacity on board yachts and in o-grid locations.
The Rutland 1200 elegantly combines a number of high tech features focused on quiet operation, low windspeed performance and high power delivery up to 500W.

Rutland 1200 Controller
- Hybrid control to combine Rutland 1200 wind turbine with up to  
20A of solar panels
- Dual charging capability to 2 separate battery banks
- MPPT on both wind turbine and solar panel inputs to maximise  
both energy sources.  Enables connection of high voltage solar  panels.
- Pulse Width Modulation charge control for multi-stage charging ensures fully charged and maintained batteries.
- Automatic turbine speed reduction as batteries reach capacity, resumes as batteries deplete.
- Manual shutdown switches for wind and solar inputs
- LED charge and battery condition indicators as standard